March 23, 2017

TERROR - The Walls Will Fall PRE-ORDERS UP NOW:  

This has been a while in the making but we are stoked to finally announce pre-orders for the new TERROR 7". 4 new songs with a Madball cover that's sure to make you loco. We have 3 colors of the 7" up for order along with a badass 4-Sided Champion Brand longsleeve. Go snag yours now! 

ABUSE OF POWER - When Then Becomes Now 7": 

Test Presses arrive on Monday! Should be out right in time for their tour with TERROR and GOD'S HATE and Texas weekend with GLORY. Pre-Orders soon.  

VIOLENCE TO FADE - Unstoppable Force LP:

Test Presses are approved! Should have pre-orders up at the same time as the ABUSE OF POWER 7"! 

FREE 7":

MA/NYC's own have finished recording their debut 7" and are currently in the mixing stage. These should be available at SOUND AND FURY in June. 

FREEDOM new songs? 

FREEDOM have been writing some new joints lately. New 7" will be dropping at some point in 2017. I already know you're stoked as I am. 


Slowly coming together.

CLEAR - Youth To Youth LP: 

Apparently the recording is happening in May or June. Expect a late Summer / early Fall release. Probably right in time for Edge Day which will be 6 years or so after the demo dropped. 

Upcoming BBB Releases: 

  • ABUSE OF POWER - When Then Becomes Now 7",
  • Civic Duty 7"
  • CLEAR - Youth to Youth LP (yes, this is happening)
  • VIOLENCE TO FADE - Unstoppable Force LP
  • new Supertouch LP
  • new Self Defense Family 12"EP
  • new FREEDOM 7"
  • LOCK 12"EP
  • new GAG 12"EP
  • Wild Side debut LP
  • FREE 7"
  • AHC Comp Volume 4
  • Warfare 12"