June 16, 2017

SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - Wounded Masculinity 12" Pre-Orders:  

We just threw up pre-orders for "one of the weirdest records we've ever done" according to Pat Kindlon of Self Defense. You can stream the whole thing on our bandcamp www.bbbrecords.bandcamp.com. 

FREE - Ex Tenebris

All pre-orders have shipped! 

FORCED ORDER - One Last Prayer CD/LP/Digital:

September 8, 2017... 

FREEDOM new 7": 

Detroit superstars just finished recording their new 7"! More info soon. 

FAZE - In Silence 7": 

FAZE just wrapped up recording their debut 7" for BBB. They threw up a new song from it on their bandcamp along with a secret track. Check that shit out at www.fazehc.bandcamp.com.  

Upcoming BBB Releases: 

  • CLEAR - Youth to Youth LP (yes, this is happening, I guess)
  • FAZE - In Silence 7"
  • new Supertouch LP
  • new FREEDOM 7"
  • LOCK 12"EP
  • new GAG 12"EP
  • Wild Side debut LP
  • FORCED ORDER - One Last Prayer CD/LP/Digital
  • AHC Comp Volume 4
  • Warfare 12"