August 17, 2017

FREEDOM - Never Had A Choice 7" Pre-Orders:  

Hard to the core. With a new dialed in sound, "Never Had A Choice" serves as Freedom's most musically adventurous take on the honored and lovingly imitated NYHC sound. Think Henderson and Dijan rhythms keeping the songs fast but grooved out. Any fan of Set It Off or Freedom's "USA Hardcore" will leave this EP satisfied. 3 colors are available for order and are at a first come, first serve basis. These will ship before the September 15 street date.

SUPERTOUCH - Flyin High '95 7" Flexi:  

Little backstory here: A few years back, Mark Ryan said he found an unreleased Supertouch song from 1995 and wanted it thrown online just for a little free download. So we threw it on the BBB bandcamp and it's been on there since. When we were trying to think of a cool mystery box giveaway, our buddy Boone suggested we throw that song on a flexi. so we did and this is it. we had some extras so they're now up for purchase. Strictly limited to 500 copies. 


ONE LAST PRAYER is the latest offering from Southern California‚Äôs FORCED ORDER. Their first release on Triple B continues where their last full-length VANISHED CRUSADE left off, wasting no time by leading off with the intense opening title track. Like the pioneers in metallic hardcore before them, Forced Order combine the crushing power of Hatebreed with the manic fury of Integrity to create an entirely new chaotic sound. 3 Colors of vinyl are available for purchase at a first come, first serve basis. These will ship a few days before the street date September 8, 2017. 


We're stoked to announce the joining of Florida's ECOSTRIKE to BBB. New 12"EP coming in early 2018. More info soon. 

FAZE - In Silence 7": 

2 new songs from the debut 7" are up on the BBB Bandcamp! One of FL's finest. Go check it out at


We just announced that we'll be releasing the debut 7" from Richmond's CANDY. They started recording this past weekend for a Winter release. More info soon. check out their demo if you're late to the party.

Upcoming BBB Releases: 

  • CLEAR - Youth to Youth LP (yes, this is happening, I guess)
  • FAZE - In Silence 7"
  • new Supertouch LP
  • FREEDOM - Never Had A Choice 7"
  • CANDY 7" 
  • LOCK 12"EP
  • new GAG 12"EP
  • Wild Side debut LP
  • FORCED ORDER - One Last Prayer CD/LP/Digital
  • AHC Comp Volume 4
  • Warfare 12"