FEBRUARY 8, 2018

ECOSTRIKE 12" pre-orders:   

The wait is over! One of the most highly anticipated 12"s of the year is up for pre-order. You can do that at our webstore. This is also available for full stream and download at www.bbbrecords.bandcamp.com. Also threw up some cool new ECOSTRIKE 24x36" posters and a new shirt design! 

AHC 4 pre-orders have shipped: 

Expect these to arrive on your doorsteps any day now! Some of the most limited colored copies are still up in the store so pick one up with the Ecostrike 12"! This is also up for stream and download on the Bandcamp. 


Our brothers in True Love have come to BBB to release a new 12" this year! It's already at the plant and test presses have already been approved! This will be TBR086. 


We signed Mindforce and we couldn't be more pumped. New 12" coming this year. More info coming soon! 

Upcoming BBB Releases: 

  • CLEAR - Youth to Youth LP (yes, this is happening, I guess)
  • ECOSTRIKE- Voice of Strength 12"
  • Mindforce 12"
  • Nosebleed 7"
  • new Supertouch LP
  • new GAG 12"EP
  • True Love 12" 
  • Wild Side debut LP
  • Warfare 12"