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Unified Right 7"

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Freedom- Pay the Price 7"

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Death Injection- Hate For Myself & Everyone Else LP

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America's Hardcore Volume 3 LP

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Shrapnel- Frenzied State 7"

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Bubbling over with pre-apocalyptic, post-adolescent furor stands Washington, DC by way of suburban North Carolina's Protester. The singular vision of one angry youth is channeled into tightly packed bursts of rage at an unfriendly world in uncertain times. Unhindered by the complications of opposing viewpoints or musical sensibilities, this one-man-band delivers classic straight edge hardcore with maximum impact. While avoiding the retro trap of singular worship of one particular group or vibe, this recording blends the best of DC/Boston '82 with Clevo/Seattle '89 and a musical vocabulary that is enriched by, without being dulled by, all that has/is/will be punk.

Upcoming Shows:

12/26: Columbia, SC w/Public Suicide

12/27: Savannah, GA w/Public Suicide

12/28: Fern Park, FL @ FYA Fest

12/28: Orlando, FL @the Space MIDNIGHT SHOW w/Hard Stripes

12/29: Jacksonville, FL w/Public Suicide

12/30: Miami, FL w/Public Suicide

12/31: Atlanta, GA w/Public Suicide

1/1: Greensboro, NC w/Public Suicide